How to write a Methods section

Our relatively young group has nine graduate students, and a number of them are starting to write up their first manuscripts for submission. To help prepare them to be better writers and communicators in the primary medium of our trade—scientific publications—I’ve started to present some useful pointers on how to actually go about organizing and writing a manuscript to be submitted as a scientific journal article as part of our Hot Topics series. I’m sharing this material in case others find it useful! Please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions as to how we can improve these resources and suggestions!

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We have a blog!

This is a blog about algorithms for molecular simulation, sampling methods, simulating systems with true chemical fidelity, statistical mechanics, cargo cult science in drug discovery, effective science communication, reproducible science, and Markov chain Monte Carlo in general.

Various members of the Chodera lab will contribute from time to time as we have interesting results to share, useful literature roundups, or new ideas for algorithms.

As always, we appreciate your feedback! You can find us at or on twitter.

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